Police Scotland halts training for Sri Lankan officers amid alleged human rights violations

Police Scotland has confirmed that it will be halting training for Sri Lankan Police officers in response to the alleged human rights violations backed by state, following communications exerted from the United Nations.

The matter was taken into dialogue during a live Authority Meeting held today (24) on following national guidelines in relation to Covid-19.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Constable of Scotland Iain Livingstone made it clear that Police Scotland will ‘pause’ training for Sri Lanka Police, and do not wish to renew their engagement with the affair, which at present is ongoing, ending in March, 2022.

Review on matters exerted on the alleged human rights abuses in the region, the findings remain inconclusive, he went on, adding that the matter has been written to the British High Commission in Colombo as well.

Earlier this month, a report published by The Sunday Post of Scotland revealed that the investigator representing the United Nations behind an excoriating report into alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka urged Police Scotland to stop training Sri Lankan officers if the allegations of state-sponsored torture are confirmed.

Livingstone insisted that Police Scotland will continue its international training, which improves world policing to build peace, but the affair will not be continued with Sri Lanka upon inconclusive findings into the alleged abuses.


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