Opposition Leader Premadasa raises the severity of the change in LP gas composition (VIDEO)

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa speaking to Parliament urged the Subject Minister to reveal the severity of the recently argued ‘gas composition change’ before the House, reminding that the reports obtained by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) from the Intertech confirmed that the composition of propane and butane in domestic LP gas cylinders have been altered.

Accordingly, the Opposition Leader urged the Subject Minister to divulge the reports revealing the change in gas composition before Parliament, pointing out that this is not a political matter, but a matter of the lives of the people.

“On April 26 this year, three reports were received from Intertech. These reports reveal that the composition ratio of propane and butane in 12.5 kg and 18 l cylinders from LITRO and 12.5 kg cylinders from LAUGFS was 50:50 and not 70:30. I make a kind request to table that report.

Also, you said that standards have been set by the Standards Institute; in 2012, you said. In fact, this standard speaks of the pressure of the gas cylinder, not on gas itself. Therefore, I kindly urge you to update the matter to the Standards Institute. Only then can the Consumer Affairs Authority take an action.

I also like to tell the Honourable Speaker that this gas issue is not a political matter. This is a matter of the lives of the people. I raise a question in this regard under 27/2. The Minister can reply then too,” Premadasa said.


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