PHI Chief urges travel restrictions during festive season

The country may have to face certain travel restrictions in the upcoming festive season in the event that the people’s level of adhering to health guidelines is very poor, said Chairman of the Public Health Inspectors’ Association of Sri Lanka Upul Rohana, speaking to media yesterday (28).

“When Covid-19 patients increase, when the number of deaths indicates a significant rise, many institutes in the government and private sectors have taken the conduct of violating health guidelines as a normal thing. As of now in Sri Lanka, compliance with health guidelines on public transport, which was initially progressive, had deteriorated. Private and public transport in particular have replaced the practice of carrying the minimum number of passengers with carrying a maximum number of passengers. Therefore, due to this circumstance, the Covid-19 situation could increase the number of patients seriously in the future.

Therefore, we kindly urge the private and public institutes, especially the public transport services, to strictly adhere to the health guidelines. If not, we will be forced to control the situation in the future by locking the country down completely crippling it,” Rohana said.

He added: “Given the figures on how the cases are growing, how the public behaves and how the public’s adherence to health guidelines is very poor, some travel restrictions may have to be imposed in the country during the upcoming festive season on this assessment. Otherwise, by January – February, the country may be plunged into a very unfortunate situation. We are ready to recommend whether the country should be locked down, or into which extent should travel restrictions be imposed during the festive season, based on how the figures on cases and deaths grow in the upcoming week.”


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