Shanil Fernando appointed as Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Sri Lanka

Renowned international business figure and lawyer Shanil Fernando has been appointed as the National Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Hemakumara Gunasekara has been appointed as the Secretary General.

These persons were elected to the relevant posts at the ICC Sri Lanka at the Annual General Meeting held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall on November 24.

Following World War I, the ICC was established in Paris in 1919 by international business figures from around the globe to facilitate their international trade, on the theme of World Trade Peace.

The ICC currently has 45 million members worldwide, with business and service organisations operating in over 100 countries and playing a key role in the formulation of international trade legislation, business dispute resolution and police advice.  

ICC-led National Committees have been established in 92 countries and Sri Lanka became a Member about 65 years ago.

The new staff for 2021/22 was elected at the aforementioned ceremony.

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