LAUGFS Chief guarantees their gas cylinders have no dispute in standard

LAUGFS Chief W.H.K. Wegapitiya speaking to media today (04) guaranteed that their gas cylinders are of no dispute in terms of the standards and are being distributed as per the approval of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA).

Wegapitiya added that the LAUGFS Gas Industry is operating to the highest standards and has been operating internationally, including in countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, India and some countries in the African region, for the past 25 years.

The LAUGFS Chief emphasised that any dispute related to the standards of the cylinders should have been reported from the aforementioned countries as well.

Adding that the investigators appointed by the Presidential Committee on the prevailing gas dispute have not yet inquired into his factories, Wegapitiya noted that they are always welcome to inspect the sites and issue their certificates.

Current reports on the gas fume not being felt upon leakages have not applied to LAUGFS cylinders yet, as no complaint has yet been received in this regard, he revealed.

Denoting that the only crisis related to LAUGFS is the shortage of cylinders in the market, Wegapitiya pointed out that his company will be able to supply gas cylinders meeting the full requirement of the country within two or three weeks, were the letters of credit (LC) opened in this regard.


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