Pakistanis will not go to heaven, but to hell

Sri Lanka Minister slams Pakistani Defence Minister

Minister of Public Security, Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara, while condemning the brutal killing of Priyantha Kumara in Sialkot, Pakistan, also expressed his discontent over the statement of Pakistani Defence Minister about the lynching, where he said the killing was committed by enraged kids.  

Pakistani Defence Minister Pervez Khattak said kids do such things in passion, which doesn’t mean things are bad, he said over the ghastly killing of Priyantha Kumara, a father of two.

“We also heard that the Defence Minister of Pakistan has generalised the incident to be a normal occurrence by angry youngsters. If that is to be true in Pakistan, I vehemently condemn that statement and action,” he said.

Paying his last respects to the remains of Priyantha Kumara, the Minister further said the Pakistani Prime Minister felt ashamed and also condemned the killing and took all measures to arrest the culprits. “We are watching the Court proceedings,” he added.

Weerasekara urged Defence Minister Khattak to withdraw his statement and apologise to Sri Lanka.

He stressed that it was an unfortunate incident and Islam shouldn’t be used for such atrocities. “Zahran Hashim, who was behind the Easter Sunday Attacks, also did the same to attack non-Muslims. But we ask those perpetrators where is it written? Who has said so? Such questions should be raised by Islamic leaders who condemn the attack,” he said.  

He pointed out that many Muslim religious leaders, politicians, and organisations have condemned the gory incident, but that isn’t sufficient. “They should declare that such practices are wrong and it is not written anywhere in their religious doctrines and no Islamic preachers, Muslim politicians, and top officials have said so. They should also make it known that even if it is written in any religious books, it is wrong, and that is not the right interpretation,” he added. 

If Muslims don’t make this declaration, such ghastly murders and lynching will continue to take place, he added. “If such murders in the name a religion are committed, they will not go to heaven, but to hell,” he added.

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