Time Has Come To Banish The Rajapaksa; It’s Now

The morning dew has created a psychedelic design on the grass. Each drop is perfectly circular and varying in circumference; when sun rays are reflecting off its minuscule summit of the drop, the patterns that the dew generates are swaying to the morning breeze like an immaculately choreographed ensemble. The moist touch must be bringing heavenly feel to any rough-skinned under-feet. Pages of ‘Grass for my Feet’ by Jinadasa Vijayatunga bring back fondest of memories, read almost eons ago. The sun has already risen above the distant horizon, at extremity of the plains that dominate this part of the land. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/time-has-come-to-banish-the-rajapaksa-its-now/

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