Anura Dissanayake presents the controversial Yugadanavi agreement to the Parliament(VIDEO)

The controversial Kerawalapitiya Yugadanavi agreement was presented to Parliament today (10) by Jathika Jana Balawega MP Anura Dissanayake.

Although the Minister in charge of the subject was requested to present the agreement to Parliament, it was not fulfilled and he stated that he would table the agreement today.

He pointed out that although the cabinet paper had given permission to enter into an agreement with New Fortress Energy, the agreement had been signed with NFC Sri Lanka Power Holdings.

Accordingly, the agreement was not signed with the authority authorized by the Cabinet, said Anura Dissanayake.

Therefore, he said, this could be termed as a complete misleading of the Cabinet.

 Dissanayake further stated that the agreement stipulates that NFC Sri Lanka Power Holdings should sign with interest when future agreements are signed.

Therefore, the reason for keeping the agreement secret is clear, he said.

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