Gas cylinders under the new label have been distributed to sales agencies even since 02 or 03 months!

Along with the explosions caused by the gas leak, there is a decrease in the sale of gas in the market at present.

In some places, dealers have temporarily suspended the sale of gas and replaced it with bundles of firewood.

It was also observed that the sale of gas has been temporarily suspended at a leading Litro Gas sales agency in the Jayawadanagama area in Battaramulla.

In the observation in this regard, it was found that the gas cylinders had been distributed to the sales agencies two or three months ago under the new label.

When issuing new cylinders with the existing gas issue, the Consumer Affairs Authority had recommended to Litro that it should have the Litro label in red on a white background.

However, gas cylinders were distributed under the new label about three months ago.

It was also seen that gas cylinders have come to the market with a new label on top of the old label. Accordingly, there is still a problem regarding the risks and safety.

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