Leasing companies not audited, Leasing and Debt Instalment Payers blame Finance Minister (VIDEO)

Leasing companies are pressuring those who are struggling to pay leasing and debt instalments as a result of being fallen due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Finance Ministry has not acted in providing them relief through the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), complained the Leasing and Debt Instalment Payers Joint Association, speaking to a briefing held today (15).

In the event that these debtors are of no capacity to settle the instalments due to the current situation of the country, relief should be given to those entitled to lease and debt instalments, Association Media Secretary Sumedha Amarasinghe pointed out. The vehicles of these payers are being seized and leasing companies are threatening them, he revealed.

The Union Media Secretary also blamed the Finance Minister for not auditing these companies, which, according to Amarasinghe, should be subjected to audits at the intervention of the government.

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