Financial aid and rations to be given to 3000 dairy farmers next year

The Agriculture Ministry has decided to select 3000 dairy farmers next year and provide them with financial aid and rations in a move to achieve the target of liquid milk production.

The project is backed by Rs. 1608 million through the Small Enterprise Agreement Partnership Program (SAPP) under the guidance of Agriculture Minister Aluthgamage.

Accordingly, 1181 dairy farmers in the Central Province, 513 farmers in the North Western Province, 442 in the North Central Province, 816 in the Uva Province, 40 farmers in the Ratnapura District and 08 from Mulativu.

The program is being implemented in collaboration with MILCO and it is expected to increase the daily milk production per cow by two litres.

Meanwhile, 1000 young dairy farmers will be selected and provided with loans up to Rs. 500,000, based on their dairy farming proposals.

According to Dr. Yasantha Mapatuna, Director of SAPP, the loan will be used to provide financial assistance to young dairy farmers who successfully manage their farms to develop their businesses.

The discussion in which the above decisions were announced was participated by the SAPP Chief and its officials and MILCO Chairman Lasantha Wickramasinghe.


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