Prasanna Ranatunga says that he has not read the LNG agreement? (VIDEO)

Minister Prasanna Ranatunga emphasizes that if the people are to get relief from the agreement regarding the LNG power plant, it must be implemented regardless of who opposes it.

Q: A big question has arisen about the LNG power plant. What is your opinion on this?

“The pros and cons of this are being discussed. The opinions depend on each other. But in the end, the people of the country will be brought to the point and do the right thing.”

Q: Did you see the LNG power plant information sheet?

“It was presented. It’s like a big book. It takes a long time to study. I did not actually look at it. But the officials who came to it presented the facts.

Q: A group of powerful government ministers are protesting, aren’t they?

“This government is a democratic government. Everyone can express their views. No one should be alarmed. More precise things will happen in the future. If this is going to bring relief to these people, it has to happen. Whoever does not like it should be able to explain it to the people of the country, from the relevant ministries. “

 Prasanna Ranatunga was speaking to the media after a program held on the 15th.

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