Mahela J’s Sri Lanka Cricket appointment is in direct violation of country’s Sports Law

With Sri Lanka Cricket appointing former Sri Lankan cricketer and captain Mahela Jayawardena as the Consultant Coach of all national cricket teams, it has now become apparent that the former skipper may have to resign from his other post of Chairman National Sports Council, as it is in direct violation of the country’s existing Sports Law.

According to the country’s existing Sports Law, Mahela Jayawardena cannot hold any other post of a national body if he is serving the National Sports Council as its current Chairman.

The Sports Law No 25 of 1973 and its Regulations clearly states in section 4.3 under the heading “Establishment of a National Sport Council, District Sports Committees, a National Association of Sports Coaches and Technical Offices and a National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka”, that (4.3) A member appointed to the Council shall cease to hold office in any National Association of Sports or other sports body or organization in Sri Lanka during the continuance of his membership. 

It is the very same Sport Law but under a different section that was used to have Thilanga Sumathipala the former President of Sri Lanka Cricket barred from holding any office in SLC due to being indirectly in violation, as a family member of his runs a gaming or betting business.

A leading Lawyer when contacted and who is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of the country’s Sports Law, speaking on condition of anonymity as he does not want to ruffle any feathers said ” Yes, Mahela’s appointment as the Consultant Coach of all national cricket teams at SLC is in direct violation of the Sports Law. There are a few options though. Perhaps the Sports Law could be amended to accommodate Mahela or on the other hand Mahela could resign from the post of Chairman National Sports Council. The third option would be for everyone to turn a blind eye and move on as if nothing has happened. But it does not seem right that the same rule book is used to prevent Thilanga Sumathipala from holding office at SLC and on the other hand is ignored to accommodate Mahela into this newly appointed role. Perhaps Mahela is unaware of this and if it is explained to him, he being the straight forward and upright gentleman, may opt to resign from either post and hold on to one. But he must be made aware of this violation.”


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