Movement to Protect LITRO seeks CID urging probe over alleged plot (VIDEO)

The National Collective to Protect LITRO GAS today (18) lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) alleging that there was a plot behind the LITRO Gas cylinder explosions that have not been reported in the country for last 150 years and demanding a formal investigation into the matter.

The alleged conspiracy, according to Collective Chief Nalin Samantha, was aimed at destroying the once glorious company.

He added that substandard gas has never been imported to Sri Lanka in any way and that the gas tender will be finalised by February next year. Revealing that the gas is currently being ordered by OMAN TRADING Company, Samantha pointed out that the tender was awarded with the approval of the Finance Ministry as well as the Cabinet. Accordingly, the Finance Ministry should be taking an action against OMAN TRADING in any event was there a problem with the quality of gas, the Collective Chief emphasised.

LITRO has no intention nor is it possible to import substandard gas to endanger the lives of the people, he noted, warning that a ‘prey’ has been manipulated about LITRO in the country now. The propaganda that the two ships carrying gas into the country contained substandard gas was also false, Samantha added.

The Collective Chief also claimed that according to Police reports, not only LITRO but also 50 gas cylinders belonging to LAUGFS have been leaked.

Accusing the Sri Lanka Standards Institution of being responsible for the gas explosions reported islandwide, Samantha added that neither the Standards nor the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) pay attention to the substandard hoses, gas stoves and regulators that are available in the market.

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