Opposition Leader warns Sri Lanka may be deprived of right to obtain debt following ratings blow (VIDEO)

The current government is playing with the lives of farmers, leaving them no option but to stare and sigh at their paddy fields, Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa said, speaking to the SJB-led “Nagarayen Nagarayata Gamin Gamata Dorin Dorata” program held in Beralihela, Lunugamwehera yesterday (18).

Reminding that farmers who use fertilisers mixed with poison and excrement have succumbed to various allergies, Premadasa noted that even a ‘Black Market Mafia’ has been created by the importation of fertilisers.

The country has fallen to a very low level in debt ratings today, the Opposition Leader went on, warning that Sri Lanka may be deprived of the right to obtain debt due to being pushed into the state it suffers from.

The Opposition Leader also inquired into the hassles faced by the farming community living in the area.

The farmers told Premadasa that they were facing many problems especially due to the government’s reckless agricultural policy.

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