Rev. Fr. Cyril Gamini questions whether government’s concealing truth behind Easter Carnage due to alleged involvement (VIDEO)

Reverend Father Cyril Gamini speaking to the briefing held in the House of the Archbishop today (21) questioned whether the truth behind the Easter Sunday Carnage is still being concealed after 32 months of its happening due to the alleged involvement of the President and the current government.

Pointing out that what can be seen is an act of covering the truth up, Fr. Gamini added that it would be a question as to why there are no attempts being made to uncover the truth, if neither the President nor the government has any involvement.

He reminded that two commission reports had been submitted regarding the attack, adding that the government should be held accountable for wasting public funds if it did not implement the recommendations revealed in the report along with the names of those responsible for the massacre. Had the names of those involved been announced at a preface, the truth behind the attack would be revealed to the world, Fr. Gamini emphasised.

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