President’s plans and Tamil timing

There is a possibility of defeating the regime in 2022, which doesn’t necessitate the interesting proposal of lawyer Sunil Watagala of the JVP, of the early dissolution of Parliament, nor does it depend entirely on ceaseless street demonstrations over economic grievances.

That possibility will be provided by the President’s project of a new Constitution. It will be perfectly possible to call for and win a massive ‘No’ vote at a referendum in this year of the avoidable economic torture of the citizenry. Not even Augusto Pinochet was able to survive defeat at a Referendum.

Had the Yahapalanaya Government of 2015 embarked on the full implementation of the 13th amendment, who would have opposed it? Not President Sirisena, PM Wickremesinghe or de facto Opposition leader Mahinda Rajapaksa. Instead, the TNA/ITAK’s push for a brand-new Constitution with a non-unitary character helped fissure the hybrid government, split the SLFP, provoke the emergence of the SLPP, catalyse the hawkish candidacy of Gotabaya and electorally extinguish the UNP. The ITAK/TNA also helped jam-up the holding of Provincial Council elections

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