t Is High Time For The British To Recognize Tamil’s Self-Determination

By Kumarathasan Rasingam – 

Kumarathasan Rasingam

It is high time for the United Kingdom to recognize its failure and realize that the sufferings of the Tamils started immediately after the British left Sri Lanka in 1948 and find justice and freedom to the oppressed Tamils who are now at a great loss of lives, land, resources, human rights etc.

United Kingdom knows well that Sri Lanka is an Island that once [before the British conquest of Jaffna Kingdom consisted of different Kingdoms – Sinhala and Tamil inhabited from time immemorial by two peoples who spoke different languages, belonged to different faiths, with different historical antecedents and living in exclusive and traditional areas of habitation. North and East of Sri Lanka] The British joined the Tamils Kingdom [Jaffna Kingdom] and the Sinhala Kingdom into one unitary polity in 1833 for their own administrative convenience. As long as British rule lasted, the two communities had reason to believe they were equals. But once the common ruler departed, the sheer disparity in numbers enabled the Sinhalese to grab the political power into their hands.

A federal solution within proper limits, and subject to proper safeguards, far from dividing a country which is already divided, is one of the best-known methods of bringing about unity in a divided country. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/it-is-high-time-for-the-british-to-recognize-tamils-self-determination/

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