Those who voted for President must question him

By Eunice Ruth

The Sinhalese community, who had voted for the incumbent President, giving him a two-thirds majority in Parliament, should now question the President about the current situation in the country, said Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S. Sritharan.

While commenting on the recent price hike of essential commodities, he said that cost of living had not been increased to such an extent by any of the previous governments. However, at present, even without considering the day-to-day lives of the people, the Government has turned a blind eye to the increase in prices of all essential commodities and everyone including the Sinhalese community is suffering a lot without having proper food to eat, he stressed. 

“As of now, the prices of diesel, petrol, gas, wheat flour, and many other essentials have increased. We have no idea what will happen in the country overnight, but unfortunately, the Sinhalese community is not aware of their situation. They still believe that the price hikes and everything happening in the country will only affect minorities whereas the situation has already impacted everyone severely, he added. 

“The price increase of wheat flour will negatively impact the upcountry people as their daily food depends on wheat flour. Even though the cost of living is increasing rapidly, the people’s income has not been increased. Still, the upcountry people are yet to receive a daily income of Rs 1,000. That is not enough to fulfil their daily needs. Further, the country is in a situation where the people have no way to live any further. The current Government is not working for the wellbeing of the citizens. Instead, they are trying to kill everyone by increasing prices on a daily basis,” Sritharan said.

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