Two Jackals And A Joker

Kumar David –

Prof. Kumar David

Weerawansa and Gammanpila did not misjudge and overplay their hand; they did not assume that Gota was dependent on them and would and could not fire them. That is not what happened; they have played a different game for several weeks. It has become clear that the Gota-regime is breathing its last, so smart rats jumped ship first. Vasu has made more of an Andere of himself than avid fairy-tale fans expected. He declared with great pomp: “I will not attend Cabinet meetings; I will refrain from performing my Ministerial duties; but I will not resign”. You know what? He did not tell us whether he will stop banking his ministerial cheque, forego the perks of office such as accommodation, office-space, vehicles, security-detail and the loads of hangers-on paid out of public funds. Public-paid hangers on include secretaries, information officers and loads of others who collect salaries, petrol allowances, bata and perks. The amounts paid and the titles of these pandang-karaya posts, Colombo Telegraph readers have to find for themselves, I am too busy. Why should the people pay for Vasu’s clowning while he boycotts his duties? Worse than Vasu are this retinue of blood sucking, allowance gathering leeches who will skin him alive if their kapang is…………..

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