Hill Country Tamils sends letter of appeal to British PM Boris Johnson

D.B.S. Jeyaraj

 The total population of Tamils – both Sri Lankan and Indian -is 3,113, 247. Of these 1,611,036 Tamils are living in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Another 1,502,211 Tamils live outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces  TPA leader Mano Ganesan who is the driving force behind the initiative told this Column that a letter of appeal along with the aspirational document was to be sent to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British premier Boris Johnson  

The Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) has taken the initiative in seeking a new representative body for the pre-dominantly Tamil people of recent Indian origin or Indian Origin Tamils(IOT). In recent times the community has become known as the “Malaiyahath Thamizhar” (Hill Country Tamils/Up Country Tamils). Although called Hill Country Tamils because they are mainly concentrated in the Uva,Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces,the “Malaiyahath Thamizhar” community is widely dispersed in all parts of the Island. What the TPA envisages is the creation of a new entity – Non -Territorial Community Council- to represent the interests and aspirations of the hill country Tamils scattered throughout the country. The laudable objective is to facilitate and expedite the comprehensive integration of the community into the mainstream as full-fledged citizens of Sri Lnka while retaining their ethnic identity.


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