Lives can’t be measured by money, certificates – Sritharan

By Eunice Ruth

A missing person’s life cannot be measured by a sum of Rs 100,000 and a certificate. Justice must be served, and the Justice Minister should take the necessary steps, according to Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S. Sritharan.

During a public event in Pachilaipalli, he said Justice Minister Ali Sabry should not accept everything the Government says nor should he be overly supportive of the Government.

Sritharan stated that Justice Minister recently presented a proposal to the Cabinet which approved issuing death or disappearance certificates for the relatives of missing persons, giving them a one-time allowance of Rs 100,000, as well as providing land where necessary. Nearly 15,000 complaints about disappearances have been received by regional offices of Missing Persons in Matara, Mannar, Jaffna, Batticaloa, and Kilinochchi.

“We stand against the proposal and the truth is that the lives of people cannot be estimated by rupees. The real truth behind disappearance cases needs to be revealed and justice needs to be upheld for them. We seek justice for the people whom the Army took from us but people who go behind money will not understand the value of our losses and our tears,” said Sritharan.

He further said that the relatives of missing persons are fighting and demanding for justice for more than five years and that the Tamil people should call a referendum to decide whether it wants to live with the current Government that has killed and disappeared so many millions of its own people in the country.

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