By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

For the first time in the history of South Asia, people fled to another country citing the economic crisis and have sought asylum. In this instance, 16 Sri Lankan Tamil families fled to Tamil Nadu, just 23 km across The Palk Strait, while the Tamil Nadu Government is working on an action plan to repatriate thousands of the Sri Lankan war refugees residing in several camps in India, even some residing in the state of Odisha as stateless for two decades or so. 

The Government of Sri Lanka is silent so far on this fresh issue of people fleeing to India citing the economic crisis.  

Many people took to social media to criticise those who fled, claiming that while they are fleeing to Tamil Nadu, a large number of tourists are flocking to Sri Lanka to draw a line that everything is fine. The plight of the poor, who have been hard-hit by the economic crisis is, however, the worst of its kind in the history of the Nation, where even Indian States like Kerala have been commending the literacy rate of the Sri Lankan population.

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