Sri Lanka should set up a currency board to stop rupee depreciation: US economist

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka should set up a currency board to stop further currency falls, US economist Steve Hanke has said as the island’s currency collapsed from 203 to 290 to the US dollar in an attempt to float the currency which has not yet succeeded.

“Since January 1st 2022, the Sri Lankan rupee has depreciated ~26% against the USD. #SriLanka’s severe balance of payments crisis and recent fuel price hikes are sinking LKA,” Hanke, who is professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said in a message.

“To ease the crisis, LKA needs to install a currency board, like the one it had from 1884 until 1950.”

Sri Lanka – then Ceylon – set up the currency board after the Ceylon Rupee issued by the Oriental Bank Corporation stopped exchanging silver for rupee notes, technically called a suspension of convertibility.

A modern day central bank attempts a float also in a similar fashion, though the bank is not closed.

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