Talks between President and TNA will never achieve any outcome.

A discussion between President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) got underway this morning (March 25) which will never achieve any outcome..

The meeting is taking place at the Presidential Secretariat. The Tamils have been invited to talk when ever the country is in trouble with Human Rights issues to coverup the faults by the government which continues to discriminate the minority Tamils.

Reportedly, the discussion is focusing on a number of issues including the formulation of a new constitution which will not give space for equal rights to the minority. Tamils have been discriminated by the Sinhale governments since independence from British.

The President, during a meeting with US Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland earlier this week, said a discussion has been scheduled with the Tamil National Alliance, a norm of the Sinhala government leaders to buy time to avoid any setback..

He also expressed willingness to hold talks with the Diaspora and invited them to invest in the development process of the Northern Province but Tamils are reluctant due to the racist policies of the Rajapakshe government which continues to discriminate on the minorities. The Rajapakshe government refuses to implement the 13th amendment of the current constitution but promises more with the new constitution.

PM Mahinda Rajapakshe is famous for his 13+ amendment which he promised and never implemented it.

President Gothapaya promised US before the LTTE was killed that they will implement a acceptable political solution once the LTTE is wiped out. Soon after the war ended Gotha said there was NO political package because there was no LTTE.

Tamils should never trust the Rajapakshe family who have continuously lied to the world and cheated the Tamils.

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