SL expatriates protest, threaten to stop sending remittances

Sri Lankan expatriates conducted protests at several major cities worldwide against the Sri Lankan government’s failure to resolve the prevailing economic crisis.

Several protests were held in Auckland, New Zealand, and in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, in Australia, condemning the deployment of the police and security forces to crush public protests in Sri Lanka.

In Auckland’s Mount Wellington, people gathered with signs reading “#gotagohome”, demanding the Sri Lankan President quit.

Lankan expatriates were shown on TV threatening not to remit dollars to banks in Sri Lanka if the government continued to crack down on public protests.

“The situation in Sri Lanka is not good at all and for a couple of weeks there’s no power, no electricity, People who are working can’t do their work because there’s no power,” one of the organisers of the demonstration, Yasasi Gunarathne told foreign media.

Gunarathne said the Sri Lankan currency continued to depreciate, but the government was not stepping in to help its people. Instead, they were taking away people’s freedom of speech by imposing a curfew after protests on Thursday turned violent, thousands taking to the streets of Colombo, burning cars and clashing with police who used water cannons and tear gas in response.

“We need the freedom of speech, freedom of expressing and freedom of protesting. We need it back in our country,” Gunarathne said.

SL expatriates protest, threaten to stop sending remittances – The Island

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