Avant Garde Security Services sent 200 people to Mirihana protest: Vijitha Herath

National People’s Power (NPP) Opposition Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath yesterday (6) alleged that Avant Garde Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Chairman Nissanaka Senadhipathi had sent 200 people to be among the protesters at Mirihana, near President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s private residence, on the night of 31 March.

“When the people were protesting that night, Defence Secretary (Retd.) Gen. Kamal Gunaratne called an emergency meeting with the Defence Ministry. Senadhipathi was part of that meeting. There, he had said: ‘Do not worry, I have sent 200 people to Mirihana’,” Herath claimed in Parliament yesterday.

Thus, Herath warned the public who are engaged in protests around the island that there is a government conspiracy to deliberately mislead protestors and create violence during protests.

Meanwhile, media reports show that Senadhipathi, along with his family members, left the country this week. https://www.themorning.lk/senadhipathi-sent-200-people-to-mirihana-protest-vijitha-herath/

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