Monk claims Mahanayaka Theras have requested govt. to resign

The government should not underestimate the public anger and must take immediate steps to resign immediately while forming a caretaker administration to restore the country’s crisis and bring it under control, Sri Lanka Ramanna Nikaya, Ven.Prof. Aththangane Rathanapala Thera said.

Addressing the media, the prelate said the Mahanayaka Theras have also requested the government to resign immediately.

“During the past 2½ years, the incumbent government has ruined the country to its end, destroyed democracy, the country’s supremacy of the law, sold national assets, the country has been colonized, the country’s money has been misused, and foreign exchange has been misused as well. People know everything,” he said.

That is why the people have come on to the streets. People have begun to beg and cry for food. If the government does not take the situation seriously by listening to them, people will move to take very stern action. 

Therefore, the Mahanayaka Theras requested the government to honour the public demand and resign with immediate effect without putting people under more burden. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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