For Sri Lanka’s sake, Gotabaya Rajapaksa must resign

The Rajapaksas were walking in the sky. They could have used their popularity arising from the decimation of the LTTE to create a new Sri Lanka. No one would have stood up to them if they had decided to do away with the cobwebs of ethnic hatred. They could have at least made some modest attempts. Instead, they chose jingoistic popularity.

The tragic reality is that the Rajapaksas had presided over a cold-blooded war, raining death and destruction not just on the LTTE but an entire helpless and unarmed Tamil population that was already being squeezed by the Tamil Tigers. Thousands of innocents were killed in the military blitzkrieg of 2008-9, some were cut down as they tried to surrender and many simply disappeared.

It is sad but true that the mayhem had the widespread support of the Sinhalese, the majority community, large sections of which had come to identify themselves with the overwhelmingly Sinhalese military as it battled the LTTE, the war overseen by the all-powerful defence secretary who is now the incumbent president.

It is no wonder that many Sinhalese feel that the terrible economic suffering they are undergoing now is the karmic outcome of the horrendous pain the Tamils were subjected to.……………………….

For Sri Lanka’s sake, Gotabaya Rajapaksa must resign

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