Downfall Of Sri Lanka Started In 1948; Accelerated In 1978; Completed In 2022

By Asoka Seneviratne –

Asoka Seneviratne

In 1948, soon after Brits lost India, the crown jewel of its empire, they gave us independence too. What value is tiny Sri Lanka when precious India was gone? As much as all Lankans with an ounce of national pride would not like to admit, the Brits were right when they had great doubt if as a nation; Sri Lankans were mature enough to manage a democracy.

Our downfall as a partially free, dominion nation started right then and there.

First we appointed an ancestrally wealthy land owning, idle aristocrat named DS Senanayake as our first prime minister. The man inherited wealth and labor and by no mean represented an average Sri Lankan. He was a Walauwwa guy and had a life of luxury and subservient workforce commonly called servants. He did not understand the daily grind of our people………………………..

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