Has Rajapaksa regime failed to ensure National security?

  • Although the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa boasts to have ensured National Security in the country, it is not the reality
  • Economic security is the ability of people to consistently meet their needs
  • The United Nations has recognized the significance of economic security for wellbeing
  • Pervasive economic insecurity generates popular discontent and imperils political stability
  • Sri Lanka has been categorised as a lowest performer in terms of overall economic security
  • The Government Authority in the Defence sector has failed to understand the co relation between National security and national economy which is inter depended
  • In the other hand we are still maintaining 200000 strong Army even after 10 years of civil war
  • Today citizens are reaping the harvest of what they are not responsible for
  • National security entails almost everything in human lives in a society or a country

It is evident with facts that those who are holding higher appointments in the Ministry of Defence providing guidelines and advises to President lack basic knowledge in the discipline of National Security. In the meantime, although the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa boasts to have ensured National Security in the country, it is not the reality. In the wider spectrum, National security doesn’t only mean countering terrorism, arresting trouble makers, declaring emergency and enforcing curfew. In this backdrop, let’s examine the broad sense of National Security.

Sl’ national security 

National Security means the protection of the citizens of a country, its territorial integrity and sovereignty and its assets from any aggression or threats, by the use of power. The right of a sovereign state to do so is clearly stimulated in clause no. 1 of Article 1 of the United Nations declaration of 1945. A country’s National Security policy should be made in such a way to suit and assist the interest of the people and government overall strategy for development. Safeguarding unity and opposing split should be attached greater importance whilst providing peaceful and stable internal and external development environment.


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