Sri Lankans must not complain, in Ethiopia people get LP gas only once a week

The entire world is facing an economic crisis, not just Sri Lanka and citizens must be thankful that Sri Lanka, as a nation is not like other countries such as Ethiopia that distributes LP gas just once a week, says Former Minister of Trade Bandula Gunawadhane.

He made this statement while speaking in Parliament today (22).

“This economic crisis is all over the world. In Pakistan and Nepal people have taken to the streets as well. But Sri Lankans must be thankful that unlike other countries like Ethiopia, that distributes gas only once a week, Sri Lanka is far better economically. This has been the worst economic crisis the world is facing since 1930’s,” he said.

He further added that the economic crisis in Sri Lanka is due to the greed of politicians who have not made attempts since 2006 to resolve the deficit in the budgets ever since.

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