Details of PM’s phone conversation with Chinese Premier released

Statement from Prime Minister’s office

During a phone conversation with Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, China’s Premier Li Keqiang assured China’s support to Sri Lanka to facilitate greater stability in economic and social development.

“China feels for Sri Lanka for the difficulties and challenges you face, and we want to do our utmost to provide help to improve the peoples’ livelihoods in your country,” Premier Li said to Prime Minister Rajapaksa.

The Chinese Premier also assured Prime Minister Rajapaksa that China will work with the Sri Lankan government to address some of the urgent financial issues that Sri Lanka is currently facing.

Among other areas discussed during the phone conversation were the possibilities of fast-tracking negotiations on the free trade agreement, reducing Sri Lanka’s trade deficit with China and attracting more Chinese tourists when the situation permits.

“We will continue to work together to advance and promote friendship and relationship between our two countries,” Premier Li said, “and we do feel for you for the difficulties you face at the moment, and we will also work together to address the difficulties.”

Prime Minister Rajapaksa thanked the Chinese Government for the recently-announced humanitarian aid and the continued support and cooperation.

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