The state in Sri Lankan nation

The prevailing state in the Sri Lankan nation is that while one group is engaged in protests, and making demands that cannot be constitutionally realised, another group is patiently lining up in long queues to collect supplies needed to fulfil their basic needs. The two groups are from two different strata of society. While the former consists of young and educated, and from the middle strata of Sri Lankan society, the latter is largely from the working class, and hence their focus is on how to survive in these trying circumstances.

This separation of interests has given rise to a political crisis as far as the first group is concerned, and an economic crisis as far as the second group is concerned. Although the political and economic concerns are those of two separate groups, there is a good possibility for the two concerns to merge if allowed to fester due to lack of attention. The general impression is that easing the economic situation in the country would prevent such a merger, and that in fact it may even ease up on the political demands.


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