Life After Death of the Rajapaksa Conglomerate

No, they have not been eradicated as yet. But they will; if not this month or even this year then, sadly, in time.

The end

  1. Mahinda will stop his pathetic posturing and accept that his sell by date is long past as the majority of Sri Lankans are no longer are susceptible to his false charm, or die in disgrace.
  2. Gotabaya grasps that it’s personally more dangerous for him to stay rather than go.
  3. The revolving cabinet and other Rajapaksa hangers-on will try to escape down every alleyway after Mahinda and Gotabaya are gone.

It is only after the death of this heinous reign that Sri Lankans will gain a fresh lease on life. But it won’t be an easy passage. When this time comes and the violent end games of the Rajapaksas have played out, what will instantly be evident will be the vacuum of leadership. With the common enemy gone, disorder and distrust will grip a befuddled people.

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