Court order against MP Shanakiyan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP Shanakiyan Rasamanickam says he has been prohibited from attending any anti-government protests for a period of two weeks

MP said that the Police handed him an order from Kaluwanchikudy Magistrate to refrain from attending any anti-government protests for 14 days from tomorrow (29).

“As per the court order, protests should not be staged by me, and people affiliated to me should not attend protests that will cause damages to public property,” MP Shanakiyan Rasamanickam said. 

Stating that the order does not tell not to do a protest, he said but at the same time doing a protest would mean a violation of the court order. 

MP Shanakiyan pointed out that at a time when people were staging protests in various parts of the country, the Officer-in-Charge of the Kaluwanchikudy Police has been able to obtain a court order against him.

Questioning if there was one law in the country or just different laws for the Tamils, the MP said the long-standing question of different laws for Tamils has once again been proven by the actions of the Kaluwanchikudy Police OIC.

The Parliamentarian said it was unacceptable to receive this court order when people have stepped onto the streets in several areas of the country at present.

By restricting the freedom of the public by issuing such court orders, the government is only giving further courage to the public to oust them, he said. 

Pointing out that he had never intended to participate in any protests today, MP Shanakiyan said his support will continue for the public protests until the President resigns. (NewsWire)

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