Sri Lanka: Typical Propaganda By A Corrupt Nefarious Regime!

By Lionel Bopage –

Dr. Lionel Bopage

There is nothing new in the propaganda and psychological warfare activities that have been launched against protest movements and political opponents in Sri Lanka for demonising and isolating those movements from the ordinary people prior to suppressing them.

Given this unpalatable political fact, any analysis of the current situation in Sri Lanka has to start from the following factual positions.

1. The regime is corrupt, incompetent and devoid of political legitimacy. They are driven by personal and family agendas of embezzlement and aggrandisement, rather than based on a policy platform and a program of actions formulated in the interests of the country and its people.

2. The immediate root cause for the discontent in society and the opposition against the regime is the issue of the day to day survival of the people. The protests were initiated by social segments belonging to the urban and semi-urban middle class and lower middle class, but the protests appear to be gradually filtering through to other social segments.

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