CWC’s 15-year relationship with Rajapaksas ends today – Jeewan Thondaman

The general secretary of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) Jeewan Thondaman says that the party’s 15-year relationship with the Rajapaksas ends today.

The former state minister made this statement while addressing the CWC’s May Day rally today (01).

He said that there is no need for him to hold office in the present government which has caused so much suffering to the people.

The MP further stated that the Ceylon Workers’ Congress has decided to withdraw its support to the government due to this.

He added: “When any government comes to power, we are always given the Ministry of Estate Infrastructure or the Ministry of Livestock. Can’t we be the Minister of Education? Is the Ministry of Defense not suitable for us? Why can’t we be the Prime Minister of this country?”

“Today, some politicians in our estate areas ask what positions we will be given if we support the formation of a government. They work looking for positions. The Ceylon Workers’ Congress is not a party that works for positions.”

Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President K. Annamalai, who arrived in Sri Lanka on Saturday for a four-day visit, had also participated in the May Day celebrations organized by the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC).

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