JVP Leader’s accusations prompt Colombo HC Lawyers’ Association to seek clarification from AG

Focus on CID and FCID probes during yahapalana administration

In the wake of corruption allegations directed at politicians, officials and others, the Colombo High Court Lawyers’ Association has written to Attorney General Sanjaya Rajaratnam, PC, seeking specific information as regards investigations undertaken by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The following is the text of the letter addressed to the AG by the Secretary of the association Sarath Ekanayake and its President Laksman Perera: “We are writing to you on behalf of the Membership of the Colombo High Court Lawyers’ Association as well as concerned members of the Bar on the matter mentioned above. No elaboration is required since all of us are quite sensible to the present-day situation in the country that public as well as Legal fraternity demand status of the complaints made against politicians, public servants and those who engaged in large scale corruption. We are aware of some of the most outspoken corruption and asset acquisitions of political leaders and public officials whilst holding positions in the government as well as being dealers and money collectors of their superiors.

“Hon sir, the Legal fraternity would not make any allegations against any stakeholders who are responsible for carrying out proper investigations, and maintaining proper and adequate standards of prosecution, without reasonable grounds and substance. However, we are concerned about some of the major allegations made against people named openly in public and further alleged that investigations against the perpetrators are concluded though advice of the Attorney general is pending on those investigations. Specially we are quite concerned of the assertion made by Anura Kumara Dissanayake, member of Parliament and Upul Kumarapperuma Attorney-at- Law on 3rd of May 2022 that they have made complaints since 2015 and over 100 investigations were carried out by FCID, and the extracts of those investigation are pending at the office of the Hon. Attorney General. Our membership would like to make a very respectful request on following matters.

“1. How many investigation files were sent to the Office of the Attorney General for his Advice by FCID since it was established in 2015 and the Attorney General’s reference of the files.

2. Against whom such investigations were carried out by FCID upon complaints received and names of the suspects revealed during investigations.

3. How many advice files/ cases that Hon. Attorney General has delivered his deliberation and advice?

4. How many indictments have been dispatched on those investigations carried out by FCID since 2015 and the case numbers of those indictments?

“We are quite aware of the tremendous service and commitment of officers of the Attorney General’s Department, and we appreciate the work ethics and professionalism of them. We are at your support and assistance should you require any further clarification, and we expect you would respond to our request within a week time, at your convenience.”

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