Pro-Rajapaksa Tamil politicians helped rioters – TNPF

Not only Sinhala politicians, but also several Tamil politicians who work for the Rajapaksas, participated in the 9 May riot organised by Rajapaksa supporters, alleged Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) Media Spokesman, Kanagaratnam Sugash.

He claimed that Angajan Ramanathan, Douglas Devananda, Karuna, Pillayan, Viyalendiran, and others hiding within Tamil nationalist parties are to blame for the clash and must explain themselves.

“However, attacking their offices and properties is not the solution, and as a democratic country, we must find democratic solutions. Further, the best way to punish them is to make them political orphans by not voting in the upcoming general election.

Let us all pledge to defeat everyone who is secretly supporting the Rajapaksas and we seek political development in the country, as it is the best way to resolve the ongoing crises. A government without political development is an illusion and we will walk faithfully on the path to liberation,” he added.

“Do not allow violence in the country to take over justice,” Sugash said.

By Eunice Ruth

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