Sri Lanka cannot prosper with racial discrimination.

Dr. Shafi Sihabdeen of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital has decided to donate his salary arrears for the purchase of essential medicines for the country.

After agreeing last week to settle his overdue wages before 10 July, the Ministry of Health has issued Dr. Sihabdeen a cheque of over Rs. 2.67 million as payment of arrears, which he is donating to alleviate the shortage of medicines in the country.

Speaking on the matter, Dr. Sihabdeen said that he has suffered the highest level of defamation of character due to racism.

He emphasized that the country cannot prosper with the prevalence of such racial discrimination.

Dr. Sihabdeen added that he does not harbour any ill feelings towards those who have wronged him and urged those in power to not repeat the same with another individual.

Dr. Sihabdeen was sent on compulsory leave and arrested over allegations of illegal sterilization of women without their consent at the Kurunegala Teaching hospital.

He was also accused of having illegally gathered wealth and maintaining connections with a terrorist organization.

However, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed the Kurunegala Magistrate’s Court in July 2019 that investigations into the matter had not proven any of the said allegations.

Dr. Sihabdeen was later released on bail by the Kurunegala Chief Magistrate.

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