Trying to take the world for a ride

Foreign Minister GL Peiris must surely find his right hand terribly sore. Turn over the pages of local newspapers and even some news sites and there he is shaking hands with numerous foreign politicians and diplomats that he must need a good rub down at the end of the day.

More recently he was seen greeting the new Australian deputy prime minister in Singapore where Foreign Minister Peiris had turned up to attend (possibly) the Shangri-la Dialogue which I suppose is still sponsored by the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies.

The current government, by whatever name it is called, is really keeping Prof Peiris busy. That comes as little surprise. The president is busy devising ways to keep himself in place for the next two years or more until the adjective “failed” is removed from his title to which trenchant critics have attached it, and engaging in other stratagems to beat a retreat from the more hopeful thoughts that emanated from him such as repealing the 20th amendment and welcoming the return of the 19th amendment he got rid of to accumulate more powers under his belt.

The new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is equally busy with daily commentaries on the state of the State. And even to tell a battered people on how close to our shoreline is the latest ship bearing liquid gas or fuel which will not unload its cargo until some big noise in government waved wads of dollars at them as payment. Or when the next lot of paracetamol would be found at the pharmacies, driving kerosene queues to transform into drug queues.

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