How Rajapakshe activities were boosted using public funds

It’s on record that Gotabhaya had 17.5 million in cash at the time he fled and Basil had paid for his travel to us in cash amounting to 5 million for a first class ticket to get home

Mr. Editor I was swept off my feet having read a news item in ‘The Sunday Times’ of the 14th that the Pohottuwa after a unique performance from 2019, which culminated in their President fleeing the country, that they were attempting to twist the arm of the incumbent to pay 117 million to pay seven state employees who were their trusted men. This was based on a report by a committee that they appointed to look into a claim that they were victims of the YAHAPALANA Government.

It must be borne in mind that this request comes from Pohottuwa at a time when the drivers had made millions and now live in clover, sadly still at the expense of the poor. However their administration of the affairs of the country was so bad that we are bankrupt and millions are without meals, hospitals, drugs, essential services and raw materials.

It’s on record that GOTABHAYA had 17.5 million in cash at the time he fled and Basil had paid for his travel to US in cash amounting to 5 million for a FIRST CLASS TICKET TO GET HOME. In any other country- where systems are in place- the independent state apparatus would have swung into action and demanded to know how they had so much money.

Basil’s travel plans got aborted as Department of Immigration and Emigration officials- who by then were alive to what had Aragalaya achieved- refused to treat him as a VIP and wanted him to come through the common channel.

The names of those recommended to receive compensation are: A.  Piyadasa Kudabalage B.  Gamini Senerath C.  Lalith Weeratunga, D.  Anusha Pelpita E. Thilina, F.Neil Bandara, Hapuhinna G, Kithsiri Ranawaka and H.Wasantha Karannagoda. The total the tax payer is called upon to bear is rupees 117 million.

I’m taking two names from this list since they figured in the infamous Sil Redi saga before the election in 2015; where 600 million was spent from TRC funds. They were indicted and the Court gave a judgement in keeping with the law.  However the funds expended did not come back to the state though the person who ordered them was quite capable of doing so since he weeps buckets for the poor. The committee under reference had recommended 29 million to be paid to the two; presumably to compensate for the agony they faced having executed immoral illegal orders.

It is relevant to mention that members of the Saffron brigade- led by Medagoda Abeyatissa- used the sacred bowl to send young monks to collect money towards the fine imposed.

The country is well aware of the so-called Divineguma which created history much to the detriment of the image of the country. A Kangaroo Court was engaged to sack the Chief Justice of the country. Maharajano and his clan were so drunk with power that they could not care about the damage that the country had to endure.

I come next to the loyal Navy officer who even lowered the bar for the second son of the then President to enter the Navy. He not only took him on board, but after 20 days sent him to the prestigious Dartmouth post graduate Naval Institute. Since he was a failure there he was shuttled to Ukraine. It’s redundant to state how many millions of public funds were spent to satisfy a young man’s desire to don a Uniform. He did not repay to the country by way of service and no sooner COVID struck he was sent via a rocket presumably by his younger brother to the bosom of the father to a seat that a senior public servant occupies with many years experience. This was how millions of dollars public funds were used which brought the country to the current position.

They never thought that a docile nation would rise to drive them out of power. Today as everyone is aware the ghost of Pohottuwa is attempting to call the shots having got a large stock of signal posts to obstruct the man whom they chose to pull the country out of the mess they created. His task is monumental and the critical need is not a jumbo cabinet but sacrifices as millions are in dire straits.

This high ranking ex-naval officer is now facing serious charges and that is public knowledge. What the country looks forward to now is justice to the victims’ families.

Mr. Editor, these are incontrovertible facts on record now in the public domain; which has cost the tax payer an arm and a leg. At a time when the country is bankrupt, the gumption of the Pohottuwa to punish them more by paying compensation is unforgivable.

If they choose to compensate them for their loyalty to them then they must pay out of the largesse they acquired at the expense of the millions now struggling to survive.

Given the compensation that should have been paid was ignored by all rulers this proposal is immoral. I refer to the 600 Police Officers who were slaughtered in cold blood and the man responsible was offered with a Ministerial Office too by these Pohottuwa leaders.

It’s common knowledge that the ARAGALAYA commenced due to such flagrant abuse of power and gross violations of probity and good order. Therefore no sane person will approve misuse of power to make such payments.

I’m confident that the current President will not cave into the pressures of this corrupt Pohottuwa regime that misled an electorate and is responsible for this monumental disaster. However it would still want to hang on till its term ends. He is a veteran and is well aware that the majority will get rid of the Pohottuwa no sooner an election is held and will work to salvage the country from the abyss it’s now in.

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