President is good but on the wrong side – Radhakrishan

Leader of the Up-Country People’s Front, member of the Tamil Progressive Alliance, and MP for Nuwara Eliya District, V. Radhakrishan, compared Karnan to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, saying Karnan was a good man and a great giver, but because he was with Duriyodhanan, he was harassed by Lord Krishna. Similarly, President Wickramasinghe is a fine scholar. But he is on the wrong side, which is why many people, have rejected him for following the Dharma path.

He said so while addressing the public meeting on Monday (5) at Watawala Plantation.

He further stated, “The Rajapaksa family is the main reason why Sri Lanka’s economy is in a state of collapse. They took huge loans from China and used them for unnecessary developments. While there is a port in Galle, a port was built in Hambantota without developing the existing port. What is the use of this?”

After becoming Prime Minister, Wickremesinghe announced that the protesters would not be disturbed. But soon after becoming President, he removed the protesters. He proved that words are different forms of action. 

Karnan was great, a good giver, Duriyodhanan was put to death because Karnan stood with Duriyodhanan.  President Wickramasinghe is on the wrong side. We will stand on the side of Dharma. Ranil and Mahinda did not do charity. Therefore, an election should be held. Elections are essential if democracy is to be preserved.

Meanwhile, Radhakrishan said, his Union will work together with all the other trade unions to solve the problems in the estate sector.

Text and photo by K. Kishanthan

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